#PAYITFORWARD A Bella Beau Project A simple thought. A 60 second video. A vision for a small gesture to make an enormous impact.


Submit a short summary to igruvemarketing@gmail.com why you or any small business should receive a free one page or small business responsive website. Do not include photos or attachments.


By uniting and sharing our #PAYITFORWARD message, you will be assisting small business owners that need a new responsive website.  This act of kindness will possibly inspire others to offer the same.


We’re making a page to log this journey.  It will showcase the awesome businesses that purchased responsive websites that allowed the Bella Beau Project to provide struggling businesses with a free one.

Our mission is simple

We want to help as many small businesses as we can.  If we are fortunate enough to develop out 60 to 70 one page responsive websites and 40 to 50 small business responsive websites before the end of the year, then we will be blessed to reciprocate and develop the same amount of each for struggling small businesses.

How will you pick your struggling businesses to help?

We’ve developed a focus group of 3 women, 3 men and 1 child.  Each awarded website to the struggling business will be based on focus group feedback and if there is a tie, the child will be the deciding vote.  “From the lips of children”, a powerful quote, and possibly the most pure, unbiased and smart opinion on the planet.

How many websites can your agency deliver before December 31st?

At our current rate of development, with logo design aside, we could produce approximately 90 to 100 small business responsive websites and approximately 130 to 140 one page responsive websites.  If our level of efficiency falls behind, we’ll hire more people.

Is your "Done in 3 or it's free" guarantee still honored for this project?

We will keep our “Done in 3 or it’s free” guarantee.  Our 3 business day guarantee for a turnaround time is unmatched we believe and we are keeping it for now as it is a constant reminder of how important each and every single client is to us.

Can a struggling small business qualify for a free one if they already have one?

We’re here to help as many struggling small businesses as we can and if they have an existing website that is outdated and ugly, they will be considered to receive a free one.

I don't need a website, but I'd like to donate one, can I do that?

Wow.  The #PAYITFORWARD movement brings out the absolute best in people.  If you don’t need a website and you would like to purchase one for a donation, then we will give away 2 website developments.


A Bella Beau Project



Bella Beau Project Terms Of Service

For every one page responsive website ordered, we will reciprocate and develop a one page responsive website for a struggling small business at no charge.  For every small business responsive website ordered, we will reciprocate and develop a small business responsive website for a struggling small business at no charge.  Our “Done in 3 or it’s free” guarantee will only be altered if we are falling behind on delivery of websites.  Website hosting, normally $50 per month with weekly updates provided, will be waived on all developments, paid and free, for 6 months from development.  The normal pricing of $50 per month will go into effect thereafter.