About Us

With over 40 years combined experience, iGruve Marketing can assist you in conveying a stronger, smarter, advertising message and consult with you to increase your business.  We love working with creative and fun loving people and welcome any and all opportunities to do so.  Thanks for viewing our About Us page and we’ve shared some of the things that make us unique as well as some photos.


Our mission is clear.  We will tirelessly strive to always be a benefit to the clients and communities we are fortunate enough to work with and serve.  Customer service is the core factor of our company and we accept no less from our clients.  We embark daily on a journey of making a positive impact on those we come into contact with and do so with love, respect, admiration, integrity and above all, transparency.


I have been a successful Advertising Account Executive working with clients locally, regionally, nationally and politically for almost 20 years.  Having been a local business owner, I “get it” and having been in my clients shoes, I completely understand the daily challenges they face from employees to budgets to return on investment.

I take pride in helping clients come up with a comprehensive, affordable and well rounded marketing plan to help increase revenues, brand building or awareness along with many other reasons.  I have a proven track record with the start up of new clients and managing existing client accounts. I enjoy being a part of the team and working hard to see them reach their goals.  I am ethical and I consider the best client relationships are based on trust, teamwork and respect.  I can’t wait to work with you!


Media Planning99%
Media Buying99%
Social Media99%
Team Building99%
Ad Campaigns99%

Managing Director | Head of Strategy

Dynamic, results-oriented online business professional with experience in SEO, SEM, Domain Names, Social Media, Marketing, Media Buying, Digital Strategy and Web Development.  Expertise in all aspects of product design and development, positioning sales channels and distribution, advertising and public relations, online & financial analysis.  Excelled at building sustainable businesses in international markets to include Australia and the USA.  A history of building the second largest domain name portfolio company in Australia and was recognized Nationally as the virtual property expert of Australia and featured on the Sky business channel. 

Car Industry United States- Multi-Franchise Dealership: 
Steering Committee Member, Sales, Floor Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, F&I Manager, Fleet Manager and Business Development Assistant Manager 

Food & Beverage- Wholesale Seafood Distributor: 
Sales Manager, Operations Director 

Car Industry Australia- Local Dealership and Brand Marketing Assistance: 
Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Director, National Ad Campaign Team Member 

Risk Assessment99%
Building Infrastructure99%
Website Development95%
Content Writing99%
Ad Creatives99%
Budget Planning99%




     iGruve Marketing was born on December 19, 2016.  The company was created by two entrepreneurs out of love for marketing, helping others and the devotion to commitment for client success.  Angela Schultz has been in the marketing and advertising space for over 18 years in the Cedar Valley of Iowa, in which she’s served clients such as Toyota, Menard’s, McDonald’s as well as key local businesses.  During this time period, she noticed that over the last few years, the agencies were getting complacent in their willingness to engage her regarding her cable tv media placements for them.  The adage of “fat and lazy” can be applied here as most agencies wallets were getting fatter while they were getting lazier.  The trend has only escalated and with the entrepreneurial spirit that drives her, iGruve Marketing was born.

     She decided that it was time for an agency to care about the client again.  The spreadsheets and number crunching had become the norm and it was no longer about the client or even the consumer, only the bottom line.  She knew it was the right time for the change and that’s why iGruve Marketing is different!  iGruve Marketing is about PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS!  The outline of detail, personal attention and understanding that is involved with defining a business through their marketing and strategic planning is a very personal thing, because it’s not only about the success of the business owner, but assisting in the viability of the business for the employees as well.

Combining her vast media buying experience with owning a local bar for many years, it only made sense to tap James Wester and begin putting the iGruve Marketing team together.  James has owned and operated several successful businesses both in the United States as well as Australia.  His key insight and uncanny ability to read into metrics and discover trends that others can’t see is how he developed a small, agile, digital company in Sydney, Australia that landed him as the virtual property expert on the Sky Business Channel.  He has consulted with several large private companies as well as listed companies.  His knowledge of the digital landscape including domain names, website development, logo and branding graphics and SEO, along with other skills, can assist any business.

     Investing in iGruve Marketing has been well documented and the philosophy is “If we advise you to do it, it’s because we would do it”.  We will always be transparent and always have our client’s best interest at heart.  We’ll never treat your money as our commission.  We’ll treat it as our money and spend it as such.  iGruve Marketing was born at the right time, in the right place, for the right reason.  Our willingness to always put our client first and work tirelessly for them will force other agencies to adapt, or lose business, to iGruve Marketing.  Isn’t it about time that an agency have the love, care and passion for your business as much as you do?  We think so!