We help smart people look even smarter!

Welcome to iGruve Marketing

iGruve Marketing is a small, agile team, that is focused on tirelessly seeking strategic solutions to drive up conversions, drive down expenses, expand your brand and increase your overall market share.  We’ve got BIG IDEAS for every budget!

With over 40 years of combined marketing, tv media placement, creative ad copy creation, website development, logo design, seo and more, we’re a lean, mean, agency machine that’s ready to put our ninja skills to work for you!

Idea Makers

Every invention, every product or service that has been created since the beginning of time, has came from one, simple, thing- an idea.  We are idea ninjas!  From logo design to how to decrease your cost per lead by 5%, we WILL come up with an idea that can blossom into a solution.

Responsive Website Development

If you invest to paint your store, buy specialty items for your customers and have a great POI system that streamlines your process, and you have an ugly, outdated website… guess what-  You’re now OFFICIALLY out of excuses!  We build beautiful, search engine optimized and social sticky websites.  How much business are you missing because your website is ugly?  SAVE 50% NOW!

Energy + Energy = Superheroes

Let us be your cup of Joe!  We ooooze energy and we LOVE to get our clients EXCITED and INSPIRED!  We will bring that positive energy to you and your staff.  You bring the vigor and the open mind!  Together, we’ll be teammates and we’re not about mediocre results, we want to WIN BIG!  As a team, it won’t take us long to get momentum and we’ll be flying before you know it!

Awesome Support

We’re an awesome support network for you and your management.  Whether it’s something internal, from protocol to process, we’ll be there for you to consult with you and find a winning solution.  Need a pep talk?  Notta problem!  We’re great at those too!

Unlock your hidden power

We’re here to encourage you to unlock your hidden power and dig deep into your innermost dreams of success.  If you have 1,000 customers a month on a budget of $5,000… and you want 5,000 customers on a budget of $1,000- let’s map it out and make it happen.  We want to immerse ourselves into your business, tap into your biggest goals and formulate the strategy with you for success.

Love is the answer

Why do we work so hard for our clients?  LOVE.  Why do we get so excited about the smallest of successes?  LOVE.  Why do you own your business or run the marketing department at your company?  LOVE?  Yeh, we know.  We get it.  It’s all about showing LOVE and expecting smiles at the end of each day.


You can save money and you can make money, but you cannot buy TIME!  You do you the best and whether it’s scour the internet for special buys, attend to the front of the house to meet and greet your customers or take a well deserved early afternoon or long weekend off, you can do that with iGruve Marketing on your team!

Awesome Support

We are ALWAYS a text message or phone call away for our clients.  Have a question?  Got an awesome idea?  We are available to you when you need us.

Feel the love

Working with our agency is like enjoying that homemade pie… that’s made with love… it’s just so, so, so damn good.  Why?  We CARE about our clients.  We LOVE our clients.  C’mon, come feel the love!

You'll have a full time marketing team reducing your expenses, increasing your profit and saving you time!

With iGruve Marketing on your side

What if…   You could have a team, that cared as much about your success as you do?

What if…   You could have a team, that cared as much about lowering your cost per lead, increasing your conversions, while reducing your advertising budget?

What if…   You could wave a magic wand and make that team really appear?  Hey- here’s your chance.

Digital Strategy

  • Search engine marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Google & YouTube Ads
  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

We will deliver an exciting digital strategy that includes domain name cobranding, marketing concepts and execution, social media management for optimal engagement, customer acquisition through referrals and much, much more. Get in touch and let’s discuss it today!


Our media planning and buying are framed together. Whether you’re a small business, franchise owner or corporation, we execute our buys based on your needs. The goal is to construct and create a flexible campaign that maximizes your investment. We work collectively with clients, planning teams and other mediums to ensure we execute a cohesive buy that delivers the appropriate target, provides efficiencies and goes above and beyond in securing integrations that build and enhance our clients’ call to action or branding campaign.

Strategy Solutions

Our experience with overall brand strategy, A/B test marketing, risk assessment, budget allocation and execution, cross platform brand marketing, online brand protection, social media management and many more strategy services can be utilized by you. 

Whether you’re needing to establish your brand or expand your brand, our strategy solutions will be aligned with your vision of your end goal in mind.


  • “James has assisted carsales.com Ltd. on a number of occasions in the acquisition of important domain names for our various businesses. James has always been professional and without his involvement, we would have either paid a lot more or been unsuccessful in the purchase.”

    Greg Roebuck
    Managing Director & CEO Car Sales LTD
  • “I’ve been in the media business for 18 years and I’ve never met or even heard of an agency that is as passionate and tirelessly dedicated to a client as iGruve. They totally emerge themselves into every facet of their client’s business to truly understand it and how to best market it. There is no fluff here, they’ll give you an honest opinion and a strategy that works because they’ve done the research. I’ve been impressed with the creativity and intelligence behind each campaign we’ve worked on and the results generated. Don’t go to war with a competitor without iGruve in your fox hole. This agency knows how to win the battles and the war.”

    Matt Jones
    Senior Account Manager Cox Media
  • “Angela gave me peace of mind to focus on the rigors of the campaign knowing she had my back for all things media. She knows her stuff and works hard towards the goal of maximum media saturation for the dollar. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

    “James knows his business and he’s in the business of getting your message seen and heard. I’ve seen his work first hand and would hire him again in a heartbeat! He exceeded every goal we set in every way. He also just developed my new website and I’m very proud of the result and the feedback that I’ve received about it.”

    Jeff Danielson
    Iowa State Senator
  • “Focusing on the most important thing during my campaign, which was my constituents, was never easier because I did that with confidence as I knew that all of my marketing needs were being met by Angela and James. Their understanding, professionalism and experience in tv advertising, the digital space as well as other marketing mediums, elevated my message, which resulted in my re-election. Whether it was an idea or an issue at 7am or 10pm, they were always available for me, even on the weekends. I reciprocate the pride in sharing this endorsement as they equally shared with my campaign for my beloved community.”

    Bob Kressig
    Iowa State Representative